What’s next?

Tiverton Green has been completely transformed from the neglected space it was ten years ago, but we are constantly looking to further improve it. Here are a few things we have been discussing with Brent Council, who own the park and Veolia who have the maintenance contract:

  • having a mobile coffee cart stationed at the top end of the Tiverton Road side, run by a local individual or company.
  • installing additional keep fit equipment such as parallel bars, chin up bars, sit up benches, around the climbing wall area.
  • replacing the gravel surface around the MUGA with something solid, to prevent stones spilling onto the playing surface.
  • relocating bins to be nearer benches.
  • keeping the main grass area short through more regular cutting. (Ongoing)
  • Adding bins and benches to the MUGA/cycle area. (Done Summer 2017)
  • replacing dead saplings in the orchard area (Done, December 2017)
  • planting more trees around the Green. (Done December 2017)