Thames Water major works

IMG_62426th June 2015: All traces of the works have now disappeared. Just the tree planting (Autumn 2015) to come.

6th April 2015: All Thames Water works were completed in early March. The fenced off area needs to be re-planted with grass, and the trees that were removed need to be replaced at a suitable time. Additional planting will also be paid for by Thames, as will further improvements to the children’s playground such as more picnic tables and a new item of play equipment.

The road excavations on Okehampton Road were completed before Christmas.

The site of the Liddell Gardens excavations also re-opened in early December.

The main site on Tiverton Green itself is ahead of schedule and if the tests are successful, could be completed by February.

From June 2014 Thames Water will be undertaking some major local works, affecting us all, but especially users of Tiverton Green and residents on Okehampton, Wrentham, Tiverton, but also Crediton and Dundonald. Ultimately, the traffic disruption will affect large numbers of users in a wide area for a long period (up to Spring 2015).

This work is necessary owing to 30-40 properties – including the Tay Building on Wrentham, the church, the Manor School and many residential properties in the area – having suffered flooding with sewage mixed with rain water. The sewers are not large enough to cope with the sudden Summer downpours we’ve been experiencing recently.

Thames Water needs to rectify this by widening the sewers under many of the streets and creating a massive ‘overflow’ tank underneath the north-west corner of Tiverton Green. This tank will need to connect in to the existing wide sewer under the Tiverton Road/Wrentham Avenue roundabout, so temporary lights will be in place at that junction for several months. The junction of Okehampton and Chamberlayne will also be closed for many months, so there will be significant impact on local traffic flow.

The tank’s location will mean the North-West gate will be temporarily closed off and relocated a bit further down Tiverton Road. A new temporary path will join the new gate to the existing West path (which will remain unaffected), so there’ll still be two access points on Tiverton Road. Some of the newer trees will have to be temporarily removed, though everything will be put back once the works are complete. Thames have offered to make additional contributions to improve the children’s playground area and orchard area, and we are discussing the exact nature of that with them and with Brent council.

Details will follow once we know more.

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