Groundwork London carried out consultation activities on Tiverton Green between December 2010 and March 2011. The consultation was funded by the Parks Department at the London Borough of Brent and aimed to engage all the residents of the Tiverton Green area in a reflection, discussion and decision-making process resulting in a design brief for improvements to the park.  The principle area that was considered in the consultation was the disused tennis courts area at the bottom of the Green.

Project aims
The aims of the project were:

  • to engage the whole local community, including young people, in the process of regeneration and local decision making;
  • to facilitate all local residents including young people in identifying the strength and weaknesses of the space in its current condition, and in reflecting upon and discussing their needs and wants in terms of the open space;
  • to empower residents including young people to get involved in decisions that impact on their lives;
  • to assist young people in presenting their ideas to the wider community.

Tiverton Green QuestionnaireConsultation
The consultation provided a variety of opportunities for local people to voice their opinions about the park and to get involved with shaping the redesign of the area.  This included questionnaires, a “community cafe” discussion event, and “taster” activity sessions in the park over February half term. All neighbouring streets received a consultation leaflet, and posters were placed around the Green for several weeks inviting comments and attendance at the consultative events. In addition, extra funding from the Big Lottery Fund’s Playful Ideas fund meant that a series of dedicated sessions and workshops could be run with local schools, QPCS and Malorees.

Consultation report
The consultation process was very interesting for the community at large. Groundwork’s findings were collated in a report that can be downloaded below.

Click here to download the Tiverton Green Consultation Report.

Key findings
The consultation activities demonstrated how significant the space is to the whole community who value its presence as an open, green space. There were many criticisms however, including:

  • lack of sports and recreational facilities especially for older children
  • poor and dangerous surfacing on tennis court area
  • heavy levels of dog fouling and use by aggressive dogs prohibit ball games and make the green a dirty and unpleasant place
  • lack of plants, trees and wildlife
  • security concerns including non-closing gates and lack of lighting

Although many residents wanted to continue to use the grass area for dogs to run off-the-lead, there was real demand for improving recreational facilities on the old tennis courts. The most popular suggestions were for a multi-use games area for older children, cycling area for young children, skateboard park, outdoor gym and seating/planting.

Residents wanted this area to be dog-free to avoid the heavy fouling problems that the open grass area suffers.

From the list of suggestions, Groundwork created a design for the space incorporating the most popular and practical ideas.

Tiverton Green plans in BW map of area (closeup)

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