Cycle / scooter circuit complete – almost

The paths and grass areas of the new children’s cycle and scooter circuit were finished in early June. The temporary safety fencing is still in place, which makes it look unfinished but it is safe to use. We’re waiting for the Council to confirm if they can install the proper railings now, or if they have to wait until the Autumn, after the MUGA is installed, when they’ll be able to rail the entire length of the old tennis courts. We would prefer the new railings in place now.

However, the space is ready and some people have already ventured in to jog, skate, scoot and ride bikes. There’s a gap in the fencing next to the gym where you can get in.

And remember, the children’s play/exercise areas are all dog-free zones.


Green shoots of recovery

Grass growing cycle areaThe cycle path area of Tiverton Green is taking shape. Grass seed was sewn in late April on the newly created lawns, and this week’s sunshine and rain have done their work and the first green shoots are showing.

After all those years of broken asphalt it’s quite exciting to see green grass in its place.

The cycle paths themselves are also slowly progressing, with the top layer in place in some areas.

We have asked the council to check the camber is correct on the paths to prevent puddles collecting.

Regarding the work on the other end of the tennis courts, we’ve heard this is unlikely to begin before July.

New children’s cycle circuit making good progress

The workmen have been busy on the western end of the old tennis courts since February.

March 24th 2014

The old hard-standing surface, which, after three decades of disuse, was in a broken and unsafe condition, has been removed, and replaced with a figure of 8 path circuit. The base and edges are in place. The areas in between and around the paths will be planted with grass seed, providing a safe and fun place for youngsters to learn to ride their bikes.

Work should be completed on this section by late spring / early summer.

March 24th 2014

Free gym instruction every Tuesday 9-10am

Brent Council provide an hour’s free gym instruction on Tiverton Green every Tuesday morning. Just turn up and a qualified instructor will teach you how to use the equipment properly to get the most out of it.

The lessons are suitable for all abilities, and are a great way of getting that little bit of extra motivation some of us need.

Five other outdoor gyms are across the borough – details here.

Thames Water planning major works, starting this Summer

From July 2014 Thames Water will be undertaking some major local works, affecting us all, but especially users of Tiverton Green and residents on Okehampton, Wrentham, Tiverton, but also Crediton and Dundonald. Ultimately, the traffic disruption will affect large numbers of users in a wide area for a long period.

They will be holding information sessions, the first of which is this Saturday 22 March from 11am – 1pm on Tiverton Green.

This work is necessary owing to 30-40 properties – including the Tay Building on Wrentham, the church, the Manor School and many residential properties in the area – having suffered flooding with sewage mixed with rain water. The sewers are not large enough to cope with the sudden Summer downpours we’ve been experiencing recently.

Thames Water needs to rectify this by widening the sewers under many of the streets and creating a massive ‘overflow’ tank underneath the north-west corner of Tiverton Green. This tank will need to connect in to the existing wide sewer under the Tiverton Road/Wrentham Avenue roundabout, so temporary lights will be in place at that junction for several months. The junction of Okehampton and Chamberlayne will also be closed for many months, so there will be significant impact on local traffic flow.

Local residents will be receiving letters from Thames Water on 19th/20th March. Do try to come and find out more – and, importantly, let them know of problems you might highlight.

We’ve done it!

Planning approval was granted on Wednesday 12th February 2014. This followed clinching the funding for the scheme a month earlier. In the end the planning decision wasn’t such a great surprise but it’s still a cause for celebration. Support for the plans has been growing and growing since the gym equipment went in last summer, when everyone saw with their own eyes how much we all want to exercise, for free, in our neighbourhood.

Friends of Tiverton Green would like to thank Brent’s Sports and Parks Department; Gerry Kiefer, Andy Atkins, Paul Hutchison and Neil Martin for your commitment and support. Big thanks too to Brondesbury ward councillors Mark Cummins and Barry Cheese for your tireless involvement from the start and to Queen’s Park ward councillor James Denselow for your backing and encouragement.

Thank you for your support!

Residents waiting for Planning Committee, 8 Feb

Local residents waiting to meet Brent’s Planning Committee, Saturday 8 Feb

A quick word to thank the great turn out of residents who braved the rain to meet Brent’s Planning Committee on Saturday 8th February. With your support we have reinforced the message that this scheme is wanted and needed by the community.

Thank you too to all those who couldn’t make it for your emails, tweets and phone calls of support.