It’s open!


The safety fences came down and the new MUGA and climbing wall opened to the public on Friday 7th August.

Immediately popular with kids of all ages, it’s been worth the long campaign and endless delays to finally see this space being used for play and exercise once again.

There’s still more to do; the landscaping will take place in the cooler, wetter Autumn months to give the plants a better chance to take root. This will involve grassing the banks, planting hedges around the street-side perimeters and around 6-7 trees throughout the activity Climbing wallarea. Further tree planting will be taking place on the Green itself to replace those removed as part of the Thames Water works.

We have asked Brent for extra bins to place inside the activity area, and for the signage that explains that dogs are not allowed in there.the play/gym area. We have also asked for the gravel surface to be inspected, as it’s already breaking up.

However, it’s open, so please take your kids, footballs, basketballs and bikes and enjoy it!