Cycle / scooter circuit complete – almost

The paths and grass areas of the new children’s cycle and scooter circuit were finished in early June. The temporary safety fencing is still in place, which makes it look unfinished but it is safe to use. We’re waiting for the Council to confirm if they can install the proper railings now, or if they have to wait until the Autumn, after the MUGA is installed, when they’ll be able to rail the entire length of the old tennis courts. We would prefer the new railings in place now.

However, the space is ready and some people have already ventured in to jog, skate, scoot and ride bikes. There’s a gap in the fencing next to the gym where you can get in.

And remember, the children’s play/exercise areas are all dog-free zones.


2 thoughts on “Cycle / scooter circuit complete – almost

  1. The temporary fencing has now been removed, leaving the area completely open to the rest of the green. This is NOT good, as dogs are free to run straight across the cycle area. Unless the permanent railings are installed quickly, a child is going to have an accident.

  2. Agreed. We have asked the council to put in the new railings as a priority but budgets are so tight they are unable to do anything until the Autumn when the next stage of the tennis court development takes place.

    They are looking at introducing temporary railings with signs to say the area is a dog-free zone, but we don’t have a date or any guarantee this will happen.

    If you see anyone letting their dog into this area, please politely inform them it is a children’s play area – dogs are allowed elsewhere on Tiverton Green but not in the play areas. Thanks.

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