New trees

During September, Friends of Tiverton Green applied for a grant from the Mayor of London’s ‘Greener City Fund’. The application was for 20 new trees; 11 fruit and nut trees to help our ambition of creating orchard areas, and nine ‘autumn colour’ trees to provide some visual splendour towards the end of each year.

Planting trees Tiverton Green (NE side)

Under the terms of the grant, 25% of the cost had to be met separately, and due to a previous underspend we still had some in our Brent Parks’ allocation, which together with the GCF fund would afford the 20 trees, the planting with secure stakes and cages, plus a weekly watering programme for the whole of 2018.

Anyhow, we were delighted to receive the good news in December that we had been successful with our grant application, and planting went ahead just before Christmas. As you may well have seen, the trees are distributed on the west of the Green in the ‘wild meadow’ area, and across the north of the Green, filling in the gaps from previous plantings.New Autumn colour trees Tiverton Green (north centre) 2

We decided not to directly replace the trees that were vandalised last year on the south-east side, as this has happened repeatedly in that one spot, but Brent did provide three replacement blossom trees that were planted on the opposite side, near the playground.